Cameron Flora Park


Showpiece of beautiful landscapes filled with vibrant flora.

Situated in the lush greeneries of Kea Farm, Cameron Highlands Flora Park is a showpiece of beautiful landscapes filled with vibrant flora. Only a 6-minute walk from Kea Farm Market, local and international visitors can come indulge in this beautifully sculpted flower kingdom that is presented in a whole new way. Visitors can treat themselves to scenic views while getting educated about the floras.



Looking for a unique one-of-a-kind insta-worthy spot for your next post? Fret not! Cameron Highlands Flora Park has got you covered! Here you can explore various corners where you will be able to capture picturesque portraits that are unique. Even your friends won’t be able to guess where you are!

Golden Maple Bridge

Petunia Garden

Stairway to Infnity


Frequently asked questions

Monday to Sunday
9:30 AM - 7:00 PM (5:30 PM LAST CALL )

Visitors have the option to drive or take public transportation to reach our Pickup Point "FLORA PARK PARKING" (Please see the marked location on the Map located in the Home Page). At the Pickup Point, there will be shuttle buses that ferries visitors to the park.

We accept Mastercard, Visa  and Cash.

Yes, definitely! Cameron Flora Park is open to host private events. Feel free to contact us and our team will be in contact. Please bear in mind that all private events must be arranged at least 1 month before the day of event.

No refunds will be provided after you have successfully completed your booking/activity.

Change of visit date is NOT Allowed

All the payment are non-refundable

Please see our cancellation policy in the Terms And Conditions page.


  • Tickets purchased are only valid for that selected day only.
  • The online ticketing system will produce a unique QR Code that shall be used for the customer’s entry to Flora Park.
  • For identification purposes, OKU [disabled person who is registered with the Social Welfare Department (JKM)] must present their identity card/OKU card when collecting ticket(s) at the Ticketing Centre.
  1. Ticket is valid for single entry only
  2. Use of professional cameras and drones are not allowed inside the garden
  3. Professional shoots, including engagements, wedding, modeling, TV ads and other events requires prior approval from the management office
  4. Opening and closing timings should be observe strictly
  5. Please use proper passages, walkways and exits allocated for such use
  6. Flower picking is STRICTLY not allowed
  7. Cars, Balls, Scooters, Bicycles, Hover boards, Pets are not allowed
  8. No food and beverages are allowed from outside the garden
  9. Use proper litter bins for disposal of litters
  10. Sitting is allowed only in the designated areas

We regret to inform you that the road leading to the garden is narrow & a lot of stair and may not be suitable for elderly or wheelchair-bound individuals. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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